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Piñata’s are often associated with Mexican culture, but they have also been used in celebrations in China and Europe as early as the 14th century. In Europe, piñatas were originally linked to religious celebrations, including Lent, but now they are used throughout the world for a variety of celebrations, from birthday parties, to celebrations of other events and occasions. Fortunately, the clay pots originally used as piñatas have been replaced by papier-mâché containers that are shaped and decorated according to the event. Our range includes piñatas shaped like numbers, through to unicorn piñatas, mermaid piñatas, and even piñatas suitable for a pirate themed party. Best of all, there's no assembly required, you simply need to fill the empty piñata with candy, favours, novelties, and toys, and find the right spot to hang it. Piñatas aren't simply a decorative item, they also bring an element of fun to any celebration when used as a party game accessory, whether you go the traditional route and have a blindfolded party goer try to hit the piñata open, or make up your own game incorporating a piñata - with everyone winning in the end once they get access to the candy or other treats you filled the piñata with. And yes, we also sell candy, treats, party favours, and toys to fill your piñata with. Read more

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