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Catering for kid’s party is usually as simple as organising cake, candy, and a few savoury snacks. But events and celebrations for an older audience require a different approach, and while having these occasions professionally catered is simpler, it isn’t always possible. The budget needed for professional catering is higher than doing it yourself, without even considering that it often needs to be booked weeks or months in advance. Which is why the ABCOE Party Shop also carries a large range of party food, from pies, pastries, and snack foods, through to salads, sauces, and seafood. We even carry a range of small or bite-sized desserts and sweet treats – including Sara Lee cakes and slabs, so you are able to cater to both lovers of savoury snacks, and those with a sweet tooth. All you really have to focus on is choosing the right assortment, preparing the food, and then ensuring it is all beautifully presented and easily accessible for your guests going back for seconds and thirds – you want your guests remembering how enjoyable the function was, not how little there was to eat. Our food category also includes a few savoury options suitable for kiddies’ parties, such as Steggles Dino Snacks, not forgetting the range of ice-creams and gelato’s we stock. Read more

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7 Star Beef Stroganoff 13Kg

7 Star Beef Stroganoff 1.3Kg

Code: 27-RMBS1.37S
$29.95 EACH
7 Star Curried Prawns 13kg

7 Star Curried Prawns 1.3kg

Code: 27-RMCP1.37S
$27.95 EACH
7 Star Lasagne Beef 21kg

7 Star Lasagne Beef 2.1kg

Code: 27-LB2.17S
$23.95 EACH
7 Star Lasagne Beef 26Kg

7 Star Lasagne Beef 2.6Kg

Code: 27-LB2.67S
$36.95 EACH
7 Star Lasagne Chicken  Mushroom 26kg
$38.95 EACH
7 Star Lasagne Spinach  Ricotta 21kg
$23.95 EACH
7 Star Potato Bake 26kg

7 Star Potato Bake 2.6kg

Code: 27-PB2.67S
$34.95 EACH
A  T Beer Battered Onion Rings 1kg
$19.50 EACH
A  T Cocktail Spring Roll 15g 96Pack
$17.50 PACK
A  T Crumbed Cocktail Seafood Claws 1Kg
$21.95 EACH
A  T Dim Sim Vegetable 80g 12Pack
$10.95 PACK
A  T Fish Cocktail Tempura Battered 1kg
$17.95 PACK
A  T Seafood  Stick Tempura 1kg

A & T Seafood Stick Tempura 1kg

Code: 29-MSST1AT
$17.30 EACH
A  T Seafood Flakes 1kg

A & T Seafood Flakes 1kg

Code: 29-MSF1AT
$9.50 EACH
A  T Seafood Stick Wrapped 1Kg

A & T Seafood Stick Wrapped 1Kg

Code: 29-MSSW1AT
$9.50 EACH
A  T Squid Rings Crumbed 1kg

A & T Squid Rings Crumbed 1kg

Code: 29-SRC1AT
$23.95 EACH
A  T Squid Rings Tempura 1kg

A & T Squid Rings Tempura 1kg

Code: 29-SRT1AT
$23.95 EACH
Antoniou Spinach  Cheese Triangles 12Pk
$7.50 PACK
Antoniou Spinach  Cheese Triangles 30Pk
$17.95 PACK
Bacon Eye Rindless 5kgCarton

Bacon Eye Rindless 5kg/ Carton

Code: 54-BREPHB
$71.95 CTN
Bacon Short Cut 1Kg PHB

Bacon Short Cut 1Kg PHB

Code: 54-BRSCPHB
$16.95 PACK
Balfours Caramel Slice 110g

Balfours Caramel Slice 110g

Code: 25-IWCS110B
$3.65 PACK
Balfours Choc Lamington 105G

Balfours Choc Lamington 105G

Code: 25-PDL105B
$5.25 PACK
Balfours Donut Caramel 120G

Balfours Donut Caramel 120G

Code: 25-IWCD120B
$2.99 EACH
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